About skateboarding...

... skateboarding is an extreme sport that uses a skateboard to ride and perform tricks.

Skateboarding can be understood as a recreational activity, an art, a job or a type of means of transport. Over the years, skateboarding has changed a lot in terms of tricks, riding style and the construction of the skateboard itself. A 2002 report by American SportsData found that there are 18.5 million skateboarders in the world. 85 percent of the respondents were under the age of eighteen and 74 percent of the respondents were male.

In the end of the 70s, Alan Gelfand did the first ollie. In 1982, freestyle rider Rodney Mullen invented the kickflip (a skateboard turns 360 degrees around its horizontal axis in the air) and its various variations. The Olympic premiere of skateboarding took place at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

3StyleAcademy and wakeboarding

Here at 3Style Academy, we know that skateboarding is one of the most technical sports ever. Most people absolutely do not understand how a skateboard can be held under their feet, not even jump or spin in the air.

Quite a lot of people are deterred by this technical difficulty from skateboarding, so they switch to scooters, in-line skates or BMX instead.

  • That's why we practice skateboarding with all the more precision. We start the technique right from the basics - that means the base position on the skateboard and control of the skateboard.

  • Next, we deal with basic balance tricks such as manual and nose manual. When the participants are familiar with the basic stance and have mastered driving through the park as well as the manuals, we move on to the basic ollie trick.

  • We train in various skateparks or in smaller balls, or in a mini-ramp.

  • For riders who have mastered the basics, there are various grinds such as 50-50 on various lower boxes. We also start with different spins such as bs 180 and fs 180 or various pop shovits.

  • Moderately advanced riders can switch to tricks like kickflip or hellflip and of course to grinds like 50-0 and also various slides on rails.

  • Advanced riders can already practice bsflip, fsflip or 360 flip tricks. It is also possible to try various crooked or feeble tricks on the rails.

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Progress Skateboard Camp Liptov | STARTER 30.6.- 5.7.2024

  • Level: Beginner-advanced
  • Počet dni - 5 days
  • Price - 350,00