About snowboarding...

... at the beginning of its existence, snowboarding was first seen as a fad or exhibitionism by a few riders, it was not recognized as a serious sport and winter resorts did not allow snowboarders to enter the lifts. In the 90s, snowboarding became a mass affair, and the development of new technologies was taken up, among other things, by established ski concerns.

Snowboarding achieved its biggest BOOM at the turn of the millennium. Currently, snowboarding is taken as the equivalent of skiing and can be seen commonly in winter resorts. Not long ago, snowboarding became an Olympic sport.

3StyleAcademy and snowboarding

Already from our name 3StyleAcademy (Freestyle academy), it is possible to understand that we focus on freestyle in snowboarding, that means different jumps, points, riding on natural or artificial obstacles, whether in forests, on slopes or in snow parks.

  • At the camps, we gradually learn the basics, from the very simplest tricks to the more difficult ones. Progress is constantly repeating and fine-tuning the technique, which is especially guaranteed by our experienced instructors.

  • Video coaching will also be very helpful, where I will recap the movement and mistakes during the day while watching in the evening and we will try to eliminate the shortcomings during the following days.

  • We will learn the basics of freestyle like ollie, through which we will gradually get to different turns such as 180 rotation or 360.

  • For more experienced riders, more complex rotations such as 540 and 720 or over-the-head tricks such as frontflip or backflip are prepared. By combining vertical and horizontal rotations, even more difficult tricks are created, such as corks or rodeos.

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