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... Wakeboarding is a water sport that consists of riding a wakeboard pulled by a boat or rope on the surface of the water. It was developed as a combination of water skiing and surfing techniques.

The wakeboarder is pulled on a rope that is caught on a large long circuit and it is suspended between 2 to 6 poles at a height of about 10 meters above the water. Higher lifts are not very comfortable to ride, but they are popular with riders who jump water tricks or kickers. Up to 14 riders can ride on this large ideally closed rope at the same time. Obstacles, floating or anchored to the bottom, can be placed on between individual columns. They are made of various materials, the most used being plastic, made of a special material that is durable against abrasion and sunlight.

3StyleAcademy and wakeboarding

We love wakeboarding at 3StyleAcademy for several reasons. Imagine a hot summer when you can't ride a skateboard because your clothes are soaked right away... and then there's nothing better than cooling off in the water, letting your hair blow and doing tricks similar to snowboarding.

Wakeboarding is also a summer combination of freeriding and freestyle. You have cubes of water under your feet that splash everywhere and you do tricks in it either from the water or on obstacles.

  • With us, you will learn how to start from the pier, which is a big problem for many beginner riders, but also the basics of riding in the direction of the rope.

  • We will learn how to do an ollie on a wakeboard. After the successful basics of riding and jumping on the water, we will move on to points. We will try bs180 and fs180 first on the water surface and gradually also with the jump. We will learn to ride boxes - first the classic 50-50 and later various slides.

  • Intermediate riders will learn how to jump on kickers and also jump on obstacles from the side of the water, such as a tube.

  • We will learn different backside boardslides or fronside boardslides, but also different turns on obstacles or from obstacles.

  • Advanced riders will try higher rotations fs and bs 360 or 540 on jumps. We will also learn tricks over the head such as fronroll or tantrum.

  • Also rotations into obstacles such as bs 270 in or fs 270 in and various tricks from obstacles.

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