About windsurfing...

... windsurfing is a sport in which a rider on a two- to four-meter-long board uses the power of the wind to move on the water surface with the help of a sail. The mast of the sail is attached to the float by a flexible joint, which allows the rider to manipulate the sail, and thus control the direction of sailing. At higher speeds, the float goes into a slide and can be drifted by simply tilting, similar to a skateboard.

But windsurfing is not just a sport. For many people, it is also a lifestyle and a view of the world, given the endless horizon of new experiences, the possibility of improving one's abilities and the feeling of a perfect connection with nature and the water surface.

3StyleAcademy and windsurfing

Unlike the other adrenaline sports that we run at 3StyleAcademy, windsurfing seems to be very calm. We don't teach any double backflips or huge aerial flights here.

Windsurfing is fundamentally different ... unique.

Taktiež je to doskový šport preto sme ho zaradili medzi naše aktivity.Máme ho radi hneď z niekoľkých dôvodov.

Windsurfing is about 100% concentration between the rider, the windsurf and the water surface. A person has to think all the time about how to stand, where to turn and how to merge with the wind so that he does not stay on the spot but keeps moving.

It is a unique fusion between man and nature, because it is nature, specifically the wind, that determines the direction and speed of your ride.

  • Many of you may think that such an activity can be boring, but the opposite is true! In windsurfing, it is necessary from the beginning when we get on it to keep our balance and also point the sail against the wind in order to ride. On the contrary, when the wind leans against the sail, you can feel it and you have to be really concentrated so that you don't fall off the windsurf.

  • At our camps, you learn from the very basics how to stand on a windsurf, how to turn and how to ride in the direction of the wind.

  • We will also show you the basics of riding in a certain directions. Beginners learn on boards similar to surfboards with a smaller sail.

  • Advanced riders will try more extreme conditions, faster riding and also riding with fast floats and bigger sports sails.

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